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Charlotte Olympia X Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur has joined forces with Charlotte Olympia once again to create a sultry capsule collection of bedroom lingerie and footwear.

How did the second collaboration with Charlotte Olympia come about?

Sarah Shotton: Charlotte and I have known each other for a few years. Charlotte came up with the idea and her love of lingerie instigated the project.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the collection?

Charlotte Olympia Dellal: The collection is inspired by pin ups and movie stars from the silver screen, the 1940's and 50's is an era I am nostalgic for and a constant source of inspiration for the Charlotte Olympia brand.

Do you wear Charlotte Olympia?

SS: There’s nothing better than a high heel and Charlotte does it best! Even when I’m designing lingerie and doing fittings on models, they always wear Charlotte Olympia heels.

How was it to work with Sarah and the AP team?

CO: Sarah and I really enjoy working together which makes the process very easy and very fun. We're both women designing for women, so not only do we like to create special things, we like to make sure they can be worn and fit beautifully.

Which is your favourite item from the Agent Provocateur X Charlotte Olympia collection?

SS: The set of 3 purrrfect knickers… we’ve never done a set of 3, like a ménage-a-trois… so I think that’s really exciting… for me I think this is the best box of 3 knickers ever! And I can’t wait to go away on a trip to use the cat nap! I think the slippers are really great and they’re really sexy as well.

CO: I love all the pieces in the collection but a particular favourite is the Caught In Charlotte’s Web Soiree lingerie set. I love a matching set of lingerie and this 50s inspired set complete with high waisted briefs and suspenders to hold up your stockings is a nod to a bygone era that I love.

What do you like about Agent Provocateur?

CO: I’ve always loved Agent Provocateur and have been collecting their beautiful lingerie for years. I almost have more lingerie than shoes! I was excited to collaborate with Agent Provocateur as I love the playful and seductive allure Agent Provocateur evokes. Both brands share similar sensibilities – we're feminine, playful and love glamour. This is a collection for someone who enjoys dressing from the feet up and from the inside out!

Do you have any plans to continue this partnership?

SS: I hope we could carry on with it! Watch this space!